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(as of May 2018)


Timely care is the most important factor in Orthopedics. And, the centre for Orthopedics at Surya Global does just that. From complex procedures such as Total Knee Replacement to Total Hip Replacement, fractures to sports medicine, osteoporosis to cervical disc prolepses, ortho surgeons at Surya Global use the latest medical procedures and cutting edge technology to care of the patients.

Surya Global Orthopedics comprises of reputed surgeons with vast experience performing various complex procedures such as Lengthening and shortening of limbs, bone tumors, etc. The Physiotherapy department backs the centre for Orthopedics with highly qualified therapists and specialists.


  • Total Knee replacement
  • Total hip replacement
  • Cervical distectomy
  • Tibia plating and nailing
  • Femur plating and nailing
  • Vascularised bone grafting
  • TBW patella
  • Amputations
  • CS
  • DHS
  • Limb lengthening
  • Arthroscopy & arthroscopic surgery
  • Surgery for Lumbar disc prolapse
  • External fixation of compounded fractures


  • Complete range of general orthopedic equipment
  • Equipment for spinal surgery
  • Image intensifier
  • C- Arm


  • Dr. Arun Kumar

    Dr. Arun Kumar


    Orthopaedic Specialist

  • Dr. Hari Prasad

    Dr. Hari Prasad


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